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Fall 2017

Unit 1: The Holy Trinity
The Trinity is mysterious and difficult--indeed, impossible--to fully understand. However, by learning what can be known about this important doctrine, we gain a better understanding of who God has revealed himself to be. This unit will focus on the Persons of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Unit 2: Humanity Beyond the Fall
What are sin, grace, atonement, and sanctification? We often hear these words in church and during Bible studies, but we don't always know what they mean. This unit takes a hard look at the human race and how these theological topics impact our daily lives.
Unit 3: Life in the Church
Living out the Christian life is not always easy. During this unit, we will discover how our daily living as Christians is affected by Scripture, the sacraments, the community of God, spiritual growth, and Christ's return.

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