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Summer 2019

Unit 1: Prophecy and Apocalyptic Literature
This unit examines the biblical twin peaks of prophecy and apocalyptic literature. Explore such issues as the last days, the relationship between Israel and the church, the significance of the resurrection, and the mysterious book of Revelation. This series is a revelation of God's truth as found in His Word, particularly in those types of biblical literature known as prophecy and apocalypse.
Unit 2: The Discerning Christian
What is spiritual discernment and how can it be applied to the pressing issues of today? This unit will shed light on this intriguing question. We will discover how the discerning Christian can come to grips with the issues of entertainment, leisure, relationships, and social questions, and why this is important.
Unit 3: How to Handle Life with Forgiveness
Explore the freedom of being forgiven, along with our responsibility to forgive, in this series of lessons. We will look at God as a forgiving Father, and examine our need to forgive others. Perhaps most importantly, we will explore our longing and need to forgive ourselves.