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Spring 2019

Unit 1: Developing My Relationship with God
To live out our calling as God's unique people and to be a light to the nations (Isaiah 49:6), we must remain in communion with the God who saved us, called us, and continues to form us. Each session contributes to the major goal of developing our relationship with God.
Unit 2: Theology for the Non-Theologian
Christians have a whole host of beliefs that, to us, matter eternally. Or do they? That is the concern of this unit of four sessions on the statement and question, "I believe. . . . So what?"
Unit 3: Marks of Maturity
"There must be more to life than watching young people grow to a point in life when they realize there has to be more to life." That wry thought pointedly poses the issue of meaning-making in young adulthood. This unit of five sessions is concerned with that issue as it looks at the task of developing maturity in our lives.